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8 reasons to stay at the Hotel Prodigy

  • Prodigy Santos Dumont

Here are some benefits that you only get when you stay at Hotel Prodigy, integrated into the Santos Dumont Airport and the new Bossa Nova Mall:

  1. Disembark from the flight to the hotel room without transportation.
  2. Have an entire food court as an option for meals.
  3. Choose from 40 stores Bossa Nova mall for last minute shopping.
  4. Have one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro in the apartment window.
  5. Restaurant, swimming pool and fitness center on the top floor with the Guanabara Bay as landscape.
  6. Follow the flight schedules, real-time, in the rooms and social areas.
  7. Accumulate 1 point Multiplus Fidelidade each R $2 spent at the hotel.
  8. Leave the hotel 15 minutes before check-in and still arrive on time for the flight.

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